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“No, really,” she said.

“I’m listening this time. Explain the blockchain to me one more time.”

James Cartwright smiled and slide back in the booth and began to explain one more time, in layman’s terms, just how incredible the concept of blockchain really is.

The casual, nonchalant manner in which the 25-year-old commercial leasing agent would refresh his bloated cryptocurrency wallet in plain view of Marcia Wilma sent a bolt of lightning from her head, all the way down to her toes.

“Have I told you about my Neo?” said James, turning way to giggle shyly.

Marcia’s pupils dilated to the point where her eye colour no longer showed.

“No, please tell me about your Neo. Tell me all the dirty details about your Neo,” she said.

He leant in, she mirrored.

“I bought in at 30 cents.”

She threw her head back and gasped.

“You must be rich? It’s at like a lot more than that now, right?”

Putting his phone back in the inside pocket of his beige Tarocash sportscoat, James winked and smiled.

While he might seem wealthy on the screen, the reality is much different.

“Me and a few mates, my crypto mates, are trying to find a way to cash out of our Neo without having to pay capital gains tax. We’re trying to defraud the Australia Tax Office and the Australian tax payer. Why should get a slice of my Etherium pie?”

With that, Marcia’s mouth slowly opened as she soft exhaled.

“You never told me about Etherium? Wait! Refresh your portfolio, I want to see how much money you’ve made or lost over the past 10 minutes.”

The waiter came to the head of the table and asked if they’d like anything else.

“Do you take BitCoin?” said James.

“We take cash, credit or the manager will put you in a rear naked chokehold until a vein bursts in your frontal lobe. Most people play with card but it’s ultimately up to you,” said the waitress.

“Hmmm… how bullish,” replied James.

More to come.



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