Betoota’s most promising skip hop prodigy, Lil Barbie, has today ‘fucked up the game up’ – in his own words.

The 23-year-old former dux of Betoota’s School Of Performing Arts, has attracted over 90,000 views on his newest YouTube banger “Technical Miracle”.

After dropping 6 or 7 short vertical video selfie freestyles over the last 12 months, Lil Barbie has finally sacked up and paid a proper videographer to do a proper clip for his debut single.

The entire production, from start to finish cost him $20,000, or as Lil Barbie puts it ‘twenny stacks’ – which he was able to amass by taking out a zero interest loan with his mum’s new husband.

The song, which is two minutes and twenty seconds in length, tackles some taboo subjects in Australian social life.

Namely, the hurdles faced by Aussie rappers who are technically better at rapping than anyone else in the game but don’t get the respect they deserve because they are too brash and youthful.

However, the subtext of the lyricism in ‘Technical Miracle’ airs the frustrations of an artist tortured by the fact that he doesn’t have enough tough looking mates to pull off an entourage style video clip, as is popular amongst the new generation of drill rappers who didn’t go to selective high schools.

The song also touches on the issues of ‘stress’ faced by middle class Australian males, without really zoning on any of the causes of said stress.

The one Australian music journalist that is capable of recognising hip hop and rap as sonic artform, have rated ‘Technical Miracle’ with 3 ‘Denis Handlins’ out of 5 and has heaped praise on the wordplay in his now iconic chorus:

“We rapping like like it aint no thang”

“selling records like they drugs and we in a gang”

“That’s how we do, it’s all about of fucking up the game

Lil Barbie’s debut EP “Rap Bradman” is expected to be released on Australia Day this year.


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