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A French Quarter office person has asked a fellow office person if it’s Friday yet, to which the response was an uneasy smile and a cough-laugh.

Local boutique and bespoke accountant, Lachlan Dowling, asked one of his coworkers this morning if it was Friday – when he clearly knew it was only Thursday.

On the receiving end of the 29-year-old’s attempt at humour was Amy Conch, who told The Advocate that it’s people like Lachlan who make her day just that little bit longer.

“I mean, what do I say to that?” she asked.

“Do I just laugh and say, ‘No, Lachlan, it’s only Thursday silly!’ or something like that? I don’t know. It’d probably be better if he just ignored my entire existence, to be honest with you,”

“He’s gonna work through the weekend anyway. What’s the point of him saying that?”

“The only tangible interaction I have with Lachlan is asking him to select a level for me when we ride the lift together coincidently twice a year.”

However, Dowling spoke freely to The Advocate about his feelings toward it not being Friday and offered some explanation for his behaviour.

Baring his soul to our reporters, the friendly Virgo said that he only tries to bring ‘positive vibes’ into the office to boost morale.

“Everyone always wishes it was a Friday,” he said.

“Because that means the next day is Saturday, where if you are one of the many who listened in school, you don’t have to go to work! Nobody actually enjoys working!”

“So that’s why I made a joke with Amy about it being Friday when it wasn’t Friday! She’s so funny!”

More to come.


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