ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr has today fronted another really professional looking press conference, complete with a branded lectern and a very shmick branded backdrop.

This comes as the Australian Capital Territory records 13 new locally acquired cases, of which eight of those cases spent some time infectious in the community.

Yesterday, Barr announced that the territory would remain in lockdown for another four weeks – as the stubborn virus push back against stay-out-at-home orders.

The ACT has been praised for their health messaging in recent weeks, as they roll out all the bells and whistles of a normal ‘government’ press conferences – like they do in NSW and QLD.

In fact, with Barr fronting the media on a daily basis, flanked by health experts, he’s almost tricked the rest of Australian into thinking that the executive authority he oversees is more than just a glorified local council that is responsible for building light rail tracks and picking up their citizen’s garbage in big trucks.

“Looking like the real deal huh” he told journalists today with a smirk,

“People keep saying these press conferences make them feel like we live in Sydney or Paris or something haha”

“Everyone’s like oh my God! Andy you look like an actual Premier?”

“I’m like haha what the hell as if”

The ACT Chief Minister then changed his tone dramatically and launched back into the super serious government stuff.

“Yeah so anyway” he growled in a baritone voice.

“There’s 431,484 people in this city and slightly rural fringe suburbs, and I am in charge of making sure no one catches the virus”

“It is my duty. So yeah. I know I was joking earlier, but I AM basically a Premier”

When asked if he thought that his megacouncil was maybe taking themselves a bit too seriously, the ACT Chief Minister bit back.

“People laugh like, oh yeah you’re not a real state, but hmmm we almost have the same population of Tassie sweetie”

“And everyone here is way more important than Tasmanians.”

“We are an economic engine room. A powerhouse of industry”

“The politicians. The fireworks. The pornography. The school excursions. The flavoured milk”

“You can underestimate Australia’s Capital Suburb at your own peril media swine!”


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