One of the town’s most notorious rapists has today walked free from the Betoota Court House, after the magistrate took into account his mitigating circumstances surrounding his case.

Betoota Ponds resident, Ivan Bryant (33) was cleared of sexually assaulting over forty different women over the space of five months – preying on them through dating apps and date rape drugs.

The 33-year-old has walked free after pleading ‘no daughters’ to over fifty counts of physical and sexual assault.

Magistrate Riolo took into account the defendant’s current marital and family status in handing down what man are describing as a light sentence.

“I understand that you would be unable to see your crimes through the lens of someone with daughters” the Magistrate told the defendant.

“Due to your lack of daughters, and therefore lack of empathy towards women, I am reluctant to send you to a high security prison for sixty years – as would be the normal sentence for someone who has committed these crimes”

The magistrate instead opted to focus on the defendant’s rehabilitation over punishment, and said he hoped that Bryant could one day see women as though they are his daughters.

Bryant had no convictions recorded and will be required to complete 100 hours community service at a local women’s shelter.

“I am hoping 100 hours at the shelter will help you to recalibrate the way you view women, as humans, not just as prey for your sick and misogynistic crimes” said the magistrate.

“Good luck out there young fulla”


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