As waves of former female Liberal staffers and officials begin to speak out with support for the victim of an alleged rape that took place inside a cabinet minister’s Parliament House office – one voice that has remained silent is the perennial pearl-clutcher Senator Michaelia Cash.

This comes as the young woman who once worked for the Liberal Party made shocking allegations of being raped at Parliament House by a co-worker, with the Morrison and party officials under pressure to explain how the complaint was investigated

In a brave interview, the victim went public with her claims on Monday – and reveals chose to make no formal police complaint at the time of the alleged rape in March 2019 – after she felt as though she was forced to choose between keeping her ‘dream job’ or being paid out and never working in politics again.

While the alleged assault happened in the first four weeks that the victim briefly worked for Senator Reynolds, during the Liberal Party’s pre-election damage control.

After the election, the victim accepted a job from Employment Minister Michaelia Cash, and by that point she was “having difficulties coming through the entrance of Parliament House” – due to the trauma related to her assualt.

She claims Ms Cash — whose office claim they only recently found out the specifics of the alleged rape — told her to “suck it up essentially”.

More than two days after the incident was first reported on, Senator Cash has remained silent on the alleged assault of the young woman who worked so closely with her.

This has come as a surprise to the general public, given how worked up the morally absolute Senator was when discussing ‘rumours’ about young women acting promiscuously within the ranks of the opposition.

In 2018, Cash was forced to withdraw her threat to name “every young woman” in Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s office about whom, she claims, “rumours abound” during a moment of madness in the senate estimates.

“Do you want to start naming them for Mr Shorten to come out and deny any of the rumours that have been circulating in this building now for many, many years?!” asked the Senator, with a crazy look in her eye.

“[It’s a] dangerous path to go down and you know it.”

Senator Cash did not provide any details about the rumours, who they relate to, nor what they are about.

It is not yet known why the Jobs Minister was more worked up about gossip relating to consensual sex within the Labor party than she was about her own staff members being allegedly raped in government buildings.

Senator Cash was unable to comments on this alleged assault, as she only really feels confident in sticking her neck out if there is a subordinate female for her to criticise.



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