Making an executive decision on behalf of the team, it has been revealed that Scotty from Marketing has quietly given up on trying to get an apology from China about that meme from November last year.

“Yep, it’s solved or something,” stated a smileless Scotty leaning his chin against his desk, clearly not feeling his usual smug self.

“I talked with them about it after I had that very real conversation with Kelly and now things are…they’re fine…geez, what’s with all the questions.”

The meme in question was Tweeted by Chinese government official Lijian Zhao and featured an Australian soldier with a knife to the throat of an Afgan child.

While many were quick to point out China’s ongoing human right’s violations, such as the forced internment of over one million Ughyur people, Scotty did them all one better and demanded that the global super power that does not give a fuck what anyone thinks apologise immediately. 

Over two months after the initial demand Scotty has discreetly tried to act like that never happened, as he does for most things he did more than a month ago.

Inside sources at The Lodge state Mr Morrison actually went about drafting his own apology to himself from the Chinese government.

Although it has not been made public, Scotty’s fanfic style apology from the CCP allegedly promises they won’t be mean to Australia again and as a peace offering, invited him & his family around for a plate of Mongolian lamb.


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