13 years after one or the first online videos ever went ‘viral’ – it has become clear that ‘Leave Britney Alone’ was more of a stern warning, rather than a humorous catch phrase.

Those who laughed at Chris Crocker when he demanded that we ‘Leave Britney Alone’ are now sheepishly admitting that the video was just as important back in 2007 as it is today.

Tennessee blogger, Chris Crocker gained fame in September 2007 from his viral video “Leave Britney Alone!”, in which he tearfully defended pop singer Britney Spears’ comeback performance at the MTV Video Music Awards – after she became the butt of countless jokes from nasty tabloids and gossip columnists.

His video received over four million views in two days – which was a big deal in the early days of Youtube – the video gained international media attention, hundreds of parodies, and criticism – as the public took great pleasure in ridiculing his break down.

However, it is now very clear that everyone should have listened to what Crocker was saying back then, after Britney Spears spoke at a Los Angeles open court hearing into her controversial conservatorship status.

The 39-year-old told the court her father, Jamie Spears, the co-conservator of her estate, “should be in jail” for the abuse and exploitation he has put her through over the past 13 years –

She called the conservatorship – which began around the same time as her fateful MTV video awards performance that Crocker referenced in his video – was “abusive” and “stupid.” She said it does “me way more harm than good”.

Ms Spears also testified that she had been drugged against her will and was not allowed to remove a device from her body that prevented her from getting pregnant.

She said she wanted control of her own money and power over her psychotherapy, and control of her life back.

It’s a simple request – but then again so was Chris Crocker’s pleas for everyone to leave her alone back in 2007.

A growing army of supporters, which includes this newspaper’s entire newsroom, are now demanding an end to the exploitation of Britney Spears – our first true love.



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