A recent report conducted by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) has found that even though you used to think mum’s music was really lame, in hindsight it’s actually pretty good.

After years of teasing about her old-fashioned taste in music, an adult perspective concludes that she was actually listening to the best music in the house, while you were playing the self-titled albums of British boy bands.

With an array of albums from the likes of Neil Diamond, Paul Kelly the Travelling Wilberries and even some more recent stuff, like Pearl Jam – the old bose stereo system was once again getting a workout at a family dinner last night.

On top of the endless ‘best of’ albums, it appears mum was also prone to buying some singles – because she only wanted to listen to that one song she liked from the radio.

Researchers say that the last bastion of mum music can only be found in poorly organised Spotify playlists, as mums realise it’s pretty hard to get the music they like from places like JB Hi Fi.

The ARIA surveys have also found that most people who grew up listening to Enya or a bit of Bob Dylan, were most likely to not pay money to attend an electronic music dance festival in later life.





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