The Betoota Chamber of Commerce (BCC) has confirmed this afternoon that 2023 is pretty much done and dusted.

Speaking to The Advocate today, Brett Kovacs the Head of the BCC told us that apart from the retail sector, they aren’t expecting much more to come from the town’s economy this year.

“It’s pretty much a wrap,” said Kovacs.

“If you go into any of the offices in the Old City District or around other parts of town you will struggle to find more than a handful of hangers-on who are obviously being exploited by their bosses or have next to nothing in the way of life outside of work.”

“Everyone has just stopped coming to work now.”

Kovacs explained that while there were still a few people around town claiming to be ‘working from home,’ most employees had set the email to ‘Out of Office’ and were beginning to enjoy the festive season even more.

“And the long and short of it is that no one is coming into work anymore. They’ve just flat out stopped turning up.”

“But the bosses aren’t in any way so no one really seems to care.”

“And on that note, this conversation is over,” Kovacs said to us.

“Call me back in 2023 and we’ll have a chat about the new Super Centre proposal for Betoota Heights.”


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