Prime Minister Scott Morrison has today spoken to a crowd of bold, independent women this morning – and emphasised three key themes throughout his address: “respect, protect and reflect.”

This was while delivering his speech at Parliament House’s annual International Women’s Day Breakfast – an event that most people thought he might give a miss this year.

Considering, you know.

All that stuff about female staffers being sexually assaulted under his watch, and the subsequent blame shifting within the Liberal Party to take the spotlight off every male politician that was involved in this horrible miscarriage of justice, that has seen not one person held accountable since this was all first reported

The annual event seeks to address issues for women in the workforce and promote gender parity and combat financial disadvantages associated with being female. “

My hope is that we will live in a society where we can truly say that women are respected,” Mr Morrison said.

“Because let me tell you…”

Morrison smirked before loading a couple one liners into the chamber.

“When women aren’t happy… You bloody hear about it”


The crowd went silent, as the Prime Minister kept digging.

“…And that’s coming from a bloke with three of ’em at home”


“I tell you what girls”

“Can’t live with ya, can’t live without ya”


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