A new low rise construction development in the growing ‘Meninga Corridor’ between Betoota Heights and Betoota Ponds appears to be quite a staunch union worksite, it has been confirmed.

If the Aboriginal flags flying from the cranes weren’t an obvious enough sign – the six other flags representing an assortment of different trade union logos is also a telltale sign of a workforce that will march the moment the steel is wet.

That, as well as the Old English fonts sprawled across the hi-vis PPE, relaying age-old proverbs associated with workers rights.

However, the deadest giveaway is the fact that the lollipop man working the front gate to the worksite has an upside down milk crate, complete with a perfectly square cut of eggshell foam, located within two metres of his immediate vicinity at all times.

According to the whingeing company bosses, the rotating role of lollipop man is given to thee or four ageing tradesmen, all of whom are card carrying union heavies, and are all apparently on ‘better coin than me’.

According to the bosses, that is.

However, these heartbreaking testimonies from the long-suffering capitalists forced to pay liveable wages to workers may have some merit to them after all.

Especially when considering that the bloke currently manning the stop/go sign is: 1. A bloke, and 2. Not Irish.

These notably uncommon distinctions indicate the lollipop man may be getting remunerated for his labour in accordance with union standards.

The fact that there is also comfy layer of foam placed on top of the upside down milk crate also adds weight to the boss’s anti-union rhetoric.

However, the local delegate insists the foam is purely a safety measure.

“Mate” says the union rep.

“That foams not just for sitting on. It’s general O, H and S”

“You stand on one of them crates upside down, mate…”

“…and your boot busts through”

“It snaps like a fucken bear trap on ya leg”

“Im fucken tellin’ ya!”



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