At 32, Melinda Lin has just about tapped up of popular culture.

Her current detachment from ‘what’s popping’ has been a gradual process.

It all started with her inability to fully appreciate the sheer joy that young people were getting out of SnapChat. Shortly after that she was met with the confronting images of New York rapper Tekashi69 with the face tattoos and rainbow coloured teeth.

That was just about it for old Melinda.

Now with the rise of TikTok, she’s not even going to try to engage.

In fact, Cardi B’s 2018 album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ was the last time she felt any form of connection to new music. Even Melinda was surprised when the multiplatinum 2020 single ‘WAP’ didn’t even move the dial.

Nowadays, unless it’s a 40-episode murder mystery podcast, there is no more new information that Melinda is willing to take in.

While her decision was definitely accelerated by the pandemic preventing her from visiting a nightclub or a bar and seeing new cultural trends in the wild – she also realises it’s going to be pretty hard for any recording artist to top Beyoncè’s 2007-2013 catalogue.

She also acknowledges that they just don’t make ’em like Gaga and Kanye anymore.

So that’s it. She’s reached that point in her life.

There’s no need for any new music to be added to Melinda’s favourite Spotify playlist, which she titled ‘LIT’ back when she was still taking in youth slang in the early days of ASAP Rocky.

“Yeah. I think I’m good” says Melinda, as she puts in her headphones for a jog.

“I’m totally okay with playing the same 30 songs on repeat for the rest of my life.”


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