For local Betoota tradesmen, Jye, one of the hardest things about turning 30 has been watching his dream girls disappear on Instagram.

They aren’t logging off, they are just following their natural path and transitioning from dehydrated music festival chicks into bohemian lifestyle influencers – as they trade in the techno music for henna tattoos.

The most obvious loss to Jye’s online scroll perving has been that of ‘Kylie’ – one of the hottest chicks on the Stereosonic circuit back in the day.

Jye said he has been a long time follower of Kylie after discovering her in Zoo Weekly Magazine circa 2013.

Kylie would always upload photos of herself on the beach crawling in sand, riding men’s shoulders at festivals and take selfies wearing a flirtatiously stolen backwards cap.

However, since becoming a new mother and relocating to the Gold Coast end of the Northern Rivers, Kylie has completely rebranded – and it’s not what Jye signed up for when he hit follow during the Abbott-era.

Jye said he couldn’t help but notice Kylie’s Instagram page made an abrupt transition from photos of her up front at Avicii and Tiesto, to more pastel colours – as she began her new journey as a free-spirited, earth angel mother of two young kids, Sage and Echo, whose vax-status remain unconfirmed.

“I can still see her bolt-ons hidden under that long floral maxi dress” says Jye justifying his long term commitment to Kylie’s Instagram.

“But I guess this is growing up”

While Jye says he’s still hopeful for a 2014 two-day-stereo Kylie comeback, he has a feeling thats there’s only more organic raw treats and handmade pottery content to come.

“I’m I just gonna endure the highly curated images of fresh farmers market produce and dried flowers in hopes for some future side boob glimpses and box gaps”

“You never know. She might pivot from here into an activewear mum…”

“Either way, I’m one of 94k followers that seem to be holding onto hope”


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