THE ISARRECTION: With 95% of Australians still yet to receive their jabs, the Federal Government has this week proven that are even capable of interweaving a healthy dose of discrimination into their public health programmes.

Firstly, by going against expert medical advice to announce that he’s opening up the AZ jab to people under 40 – after he realised that the baby boomers aren’t lining up to their shots after he spent 6 months undermining public trust in it.

And secondly, by refusing to send adequate supplies of the safer jab north of the Tweed.

QLD Premier Palaszczuk and Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young were visibly angry during this morning’s press conference – as they revealed the state had requested extra jabs and been knocked back, with some sites across Queensland due to run out in days.

Ms Palaszczuk said National Cabinet did not make the decision to widen the availability of AZ to under-40s.

“National Cabinet did not make that decision,” she said earlier today.

“I’d like to ask the prime minister, did his cabinet make that decision?”

With Queenslanders growing worried that the Prime Minister is going to leave them to fend for themselves without any help – like he did during the floods, bushfires and cyclones – tensions are high in the Deep North.

It seems that this is now a matter of Queensland versus everyone. Every Queenslander except the bootlicking Federal MP for the Gold Coast and Chief Minister for torturing Biloela toddlers, Karen Andrews.

But it was on the steps of Queensland Parliament this afternoon where the gravity of the situation became apparent.

The Honourable Bob Katter MP – flanked by his son Robbie and fellow state members Shane Knuth and Nick Dametto – wielding firearms and a different plan of attack.

“Just say the word Anna” said the senior Katter.

“I can have my men commandeer the southern supply chain and have them back over the border by sunlight”

“All I need is me, me adler, me son, and a couple dozen unregistered voters from the back of the Isa”

“We will secure jabs for Queensland. By any means necessary”

“One-thousand-million of them”


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