Local Newcastle bloke Joey Knight (29) has decided that he’s gonna lift off this evening, as he returns from the TAB kiosk and makes his way to the bar.

His plan to go ‘full late-nineties’ was confirmed moments ago, when he politely asked the bartender to serve him a VCR.

According to the 2002 Oxford Dictionary Hunter Region Edition, a VCR refers to a popular alcoholic beverage, the vodka, coke and raspberry – which, funnily enough, consists of 1 shot vodka, 1 shot raspberry cordial and the remainder of the glass filled with coca-cola resulting in a sweet tasting drink that causes trouble in whatever pub is reckless enough to serve.

Commonly referred to as ‘The Blood Of The Steelworks’ – it is not known why this drink is so popular in Newcastle, but a recent report by the Australian Bureau Of Statistics has found the 1 in 5 Novacastrians aged 11-80 have ordered a VCR in the last fortnight.

With what appears to be a fistful of cash that was won on a long-shot tip offered by his apprentice, there seems to be no stopping this excitable young wharfie.

“Actually, make it three” he says.

It is now very clear to everyone else in the venue that it might be worth steering clear of Joey over the next four to five hours.

“I’m not sure if the boys know that we are ripping in, but we are” he says to the barman, as he nods to his two oblivious companions back in the gaming room.

“I just nabbed a boxed trifector at Cranebourne”

“This is better than lego!!”


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