As the world’s of MMA and proffesional boxing look set to clash for the first time in contract tomorrow night, there are still many fans who think that the best fighter in the world won’t even be stepping into the ring for the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather megafight.

“I think we are all forgetting that outside of the boxing world, and outside of the UFC, there is the WWE” said Joe Rogan.

“That’s the real stable of fighters – and everyone is acting like they’ve forgotten who the greatest fighter in the world is”

“Stone Cold has stunnered Donald Trump – he doesn’t care who he’s up against”

Stone Cold Steve Austin. The disrespectful, beer-drinking antihero who routinely defied the establishment and his boss, company chairman Vince McMahon.  His popularity signified a boom period in WWF business in the latter 1990s and early 2000s. He also introduced the long-standing “What?” chant in professional wrestling. A number of prominent industry figures, including McMahon, have declared Austin to be the biggest star in WWF/WWE history and stressed that he surpassed the popularity of Hulk Hogan.

When asked at today’s weigh-in if he thinks that he’d have stood a chance up against the Texan Rattlesnake in his prime, Conor said fook naw.

“Tha mahn iser machine” he said.

Floyd Mayweather also said that while he felt confident he might be able to outpunch Stone Cold, he would never be able to return the canvas after being stunnered.

“It don’t matter. I make money” he said.

WWE CEO Vince McMahon has today said that it wouldn’t beer fair to put someone like Stone Cold in the ring to just box like they the UFC has done with Conor.

“I think a hell-in-a-cell would be more fitting” he said.

“Maybe throw some tacks on the floor. A few steel chairs”

“And some ice cold beer”


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