Hairdressers in a Mornington Peninsula salon have been left in a state of shock today, after a random psycho broke into their workplace with a camera crew and began washing a client’s hair.

However, it wasn’t just any old psycho. According to the intruder’s own colleagues – it is a horrible, horrible psycho who is more concerned with politics than people.

Hence why he thought it was appropriate to storm into a random workplace and begin gently massaging a complete strangers head.

This comes as Scotty From Marketing kicks off his 2022 election campaign in the Labor-held seat of Dunkley on the coastal outskirts of Melbourne’s east, where he made an effort being photographed in every kooky situation he could find himself in after a nightmare week of leaked tweets and aged care deaths.

However, he hair salon photo shoot appears to have come across as a little creepy, after not one of the young women working there recognised who he was.

“Excuse me sir!!!” roared the small business owner.

“What are you doing in this salon”

“Who are you!?”

“Please stop touching that woman’s hair!!!”

The PM sneered at the staff members who were taking issue with being incorporated into his state media campaign.

“Ladies, please” said Scotty.

“I’m just trying to prove to the nation that I do, in fact, know how to hold a hose”

“The last thing I want is that stupid Hawaiian holiday to get dragged out again this election!”


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