Glenn Mathieson was uncomfortably aware of the blister rubbing against his pleather work loafers, but was determined to board the 5.05pm X07 to Betoota Heights.
Mathieson, 43, said the privately-operated bus to Betoota’s newest housing estate was “never on time” but last Wednesday it arrived “at about 5.04pm I reckon”.
“Maybe 5.03pm but don’t quote me on that,” he said.
The head of small business lending at Betoota Bank “got a wriggle on”, observers said, as the X07 approached Mathieson’s bus stop as he was “trying to get the bank’s automated doors to lock”.
“He gave it a good crack,” said Tarnee Jacobs, 16, who was finishing her shift at Betoota Newsagency.
But Ms Jacobs said the bus driver, whose identity could not be confirmed by deadline, “looked like he was taking some kinda sick pleasure in shutting the door in his face and that”.
“Glenn was kind of purply-red and breathless,” Ms Jacobs added.
Mr Mathieson said he had “invested in a pair of Asics runners with the gel insoles” and was doing “some light cardio” to prevent a repeat of the “emasculating” incident.
“Maybe don’t call it emasculating,” he said.


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