Prominent Outback Queensland MP Bob Katter has this week thrown around a few ‘deadlys’ and referred to the entire Aboriginal community of Australia as “us mob”

NAIDOC Week 2021 celebrates the invaluable contributions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make to land management and environmentalism, while also acknowledging their 60,000 years of ongoing sovereignty before white settlement.

The big day will be tomorrow in Mt Isa. with a Naidoc breakfast, street march and a fun day at the Skate Park from 10am-4pm. Every Murri and Torres Strait Islander in the region will be expected to be there, including the blackest man in federal politics, the Honourable Bob Katter III.

“It’ll be a great day to catch up with my brother-cousins from as far as Cloncurry to Innisfail” said the Member For Kennedy.

Just a year after claiming to be of Jewish or ‘Phoenician’ heritage, during an unexpected rant about about the growing Anti-Semitism in Sydney and Melbourne, Katter has this week aimed the crosshair at fake Indigenous art and the incarceration rates for Aboriginal kids.

“These bastards in Canberra couldn’t give a rats about us mob!” he said.

“Back when I was little boy I was the only kid with a pair of shoes to wear to school because my daddy was the first one of us mob to be mayor!”

“He de-segregated the local picture theatre so I could watch John Wayne movies with my brother-cousins!”

“We need more federal funding for us mob to build our own houses, also, Murri kids should be sent out bush instead of juvie, also, this fake Murri art from Indonesia is a disgrace!”

When asked about whether he had celebrated Ramadan with his fellow Arabic Australians last month, Bob Katter was firm in saying that his heritage is vague and he’s not sure where he comes from.

He then finished the interview with a 45-minute rant about crocodile attacks and how this was never an issue when his cousins were allowed to kill the bastards.

Pictured: Bob Katter MP as a Sikh.


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