Australian Federal Police officers are raiding the Lord Kidman Hotel in South Betoota over a series of slightly derogatary remarks made about the Liberal Government this afternoon by a half-pissed scaffolder named Nathan.

The comments made by Nathan revealed allegations of the government being full of bloody crooks and were based off hundreds of pages of secret Defence documents leaked to the beer garden by some other cunt that was here earlier.

The search warrant names Nathan, his mate Macca, and public Gerry.

Three AFP officers entered the beer garden first, followed shortly afterwards by three police IT technicians.

AFP officers served the half-pissed patrons with a warrant and are searching for, and copying onto notepads, information related to the warrant.

This follows the news that the Betoota Advocate offices in the Old City District had also been raided this morning by the AFP, in relation to the 1997 Engadine Maccas leaks.

Nathan said he only allowed to the officers to conduct the raider after speaking to his lawyer – who informed him it would probably be a pretty bad idea if he and his mates coward punched the federal police officers.

The Betoota Advocate approached Scott Morrison for comment but he was asleep after a being tuckered out from a big day meeting the Queen.

The Minister For Home Affairs, Peter Dutton was also approached for comment but didn’t say anything other than “mwahahaaha”.


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