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An elderly Asian migrant from Betoota’s Flight Path District has left his grandchild’s social circle in complete shock today after blurting out one of the most offensive racially-charged comments anyone has ever heard since first incarnation of One Nation.

This rather shocking statement comes as a surprise to the diverse group of friends, given the fact that the old codger has probably faced his fair share of discrimination since first arriving in Australia over three decades ago.

After relocating from his home country to Australia as a refugee in the early 1980s, Mr Lee, as he is known in his tight-knit light industrial community, is renowned as a successful businessman and patriarchal family man.

However, despite being known as a stand-up community figure who often helps out young families who are struggling financially, it appears that Mr Lee is nowhere near as woke as his grandchildren, and definitely not as woke as their white friends.

His views on immigration (??), welfare and women’s issues – while not uncommon for most Australian men his age – are delivered with the unapologetic rawness that even the most redneck Sky News commentators would at least try and pad out with ten dollar words.

While celebrating a granddaughters engagement over a barbecue in Sir Thiess Park on Sunday afternoon, Mr Lee sends chills down the spines of many guests when he makes a comment about the types of men that he is glad aren’t marrying into the family.

Initially dismissed as a cultural gaffe caused by the language barrier, the old man’s racist comments were all but confirmed by the sighs coming from his daughters.

“Jesus. That was a bit hot” one of the younger guests says to his granddaughter.

“Does your pop always talk that way about Greeks?”


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