Sydney’s Bondi Cluster has grown to 39 today, as all metropolitan NSW residents are urged to not travel outside of the city moving forward.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is considered a casual contact and will monitor for symptoms. She has since clarified that she has been tested and returned a negative result.

In some good news for small businesses in the city, Berejiklian is not ordering any further restrictions.

However, in some bad news for small towns, police will be stepping up compliance checks – especially on movement throughout the state.

People living in the urban hotspots have a stay in place order – which means they can freely move around the hotspots, but can not leave for a non-hotspot area – like, for example any of the thousands of tourism towns that were preparing to host holidaying families over the next couple weeks.

“Aahhhh perfect” sighed the entire NSW tourism industry, with a hint of that nihilistic sarcasm that shines through when an entire sector is push well beyond breaking point by snap restrictions, lockdowns and border closures.

“Just in time for school holidays”

“Guess it’s cornflakes for dinner in Iluka!!!”


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