Local police have released footage of the empty central business district of the South Australian capital, and it’s shocked the nation.

Not because of the global pandemic that has shut down cities right around the country.

Not because of the new cases that were identified as part of the Modbury Hospital cluster.

But because it’s Adelaide, a town so quiet that kangaroos are sometimes spotted in the allegedly busiest part of town.

Nicknamed Australia’s ‘Capital Town’ – Adelaide is known for having heaps of churches, which isn’t actually that marketable in 2021 for some reason.

Outside of that, they have heaps of wine and cheese and one of the most naughty nightlife strips in Australia.

But during the middle of a work day, the streets are deserted.

Which is kind of cute when you think about it.

Locals say that the rest of the country may laugh at their status as the sleepiest city in Australia, but it’s for this reason that their town is likely to get back to zero community transmissions within the month – well before the likes of Sydney.


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