Leaders from both the Federal and Victorian Liberal Party are being urged to take further action against a dapper group of right-wing university students that burnt a cross and chanted racist slogans at a popular Victorian tourist destination over the Australia Day weekend.

The ceremony was believed to be celebrating the success of franking credits and strong borders – and the role they’ve played in orchestrating a luscious inheritance for these fine young gentlemen.

In uncharacteristic twist, however, it seems there was not a Tarocash suit in sight.

The thirty-eight members of the far-right Young Liberals decided to go shirtless as they burnt a cross — a ritual usually associated with the Ku Klux Klan — next to Lake Bellfield at the foot of the Grampians in western Victoria on Sunday evening.

Tourists and locals heard the group chanting “white power” and Nazi slogans.

This photo of young men showing their bare chests has sent shockwaves through the conservative factions of the Coalition – with even the Prime Minister rushing to condemn such promiscuous behaviour.

“This is not the example we would like to set for any young men striving to impress their fathers through socially moderate and fiscally conservative ideologies” said Morrison.

“I don’t like to use this word that often, but those outfits we saw in The Grampians over the weekend were just plain slutty!”

“Whatever happened to an ironed pair of Rivers chinos and some RM Williams boots that don’t match the belt?”

“I implore the Victorian Liberal party to stamp out this tarty behaviour by their young men!”

The group’s members also visited the tourist town of Halls Gap in the heart of the Grampians where they engaged in anti-Semitic and other racist behaviour.

At least half-a-dozen tourists and residents said they had reported the men to police.


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