During her daily dose of discomfort, NSW Premier Gladys Berijiklian provided real assurance to her state’s 8+ million residents by telling them “things are going to get worse.”

As the Sydney delta outbreak continues to chart over 400 new infections today, the Premier of New South Florida has been shocked to see the only decreasing metrics seem to be her approval ratings.

Having previously held a 75% Essential Poll approval rating in March this year, the premier’s rating has now slumped to 47% which she has keenly put down to people in the south-west doing the wrong thing.

“Things are going to get worse,” said the premier during her 11 am presser, referring to her dwindling voter support.

“The way my state is treating me, you’d think I was Dan Andrews.” 

“Someone else talk for a bit, I’m over it.” 

“Construction isn’t stopping, pull your heads in. Nothing you want is ever going to happen.” 


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