The under fire Prime Minister has once again brushed off calls to publicly apologise to former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate today.

However, the Bloke in Chief says he will apologise, but personally, in a letter that should arrive at Holgate’s residence in the next 10-14 days.

If there’s no delays in postage or issues with the delivery.

“I’ve got the tracking number here,” laughed the PM this morning.

“Should be there in the next couple of weeks, when this whole things blown over,” said Morrison, following his tried and tested formula of hoping every scandal just disappears into the news cycle and he can get back to winning over voters with pithy attempts at trying to appeal to ‘everyday Australians.’

The calls for Morrison to apologise have come from the usual suspects who have very little success in the past at getting notable people to apologise, as well as from the likes of Former resources Minister and loudmouth Nationals Senator Matt Canavan.

The calls follow the former Aus Post boss claiming that the Prime Minister bullied her out of a job and humiliated her publicly over the $20,000 Cartier watch scandal.

The watches were given as a bonus to 4 executives for securing giant contracts and seemingly pales in comparison to the 4 million in executives bonuses that were given out to the board in the previous year.

After the event Morrison, and Albanese said Holgate’s position was untenable, with the former seizing on the opportunity to try and drum up outrage to demonstrate he knows what passes the pub test despite hating the taste of beer.

“Nah seriously I’ve sent her an apology,” laughed Morrison.

“And if it doesn’t get there she’s only get herself to blame,” he laughed.


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