The off work Attorney General has reportedly caused a bit of a scene over the weekend.

With Sunday just another day for the politician whose on generous mental health leave (something most people can’t even contemplate), Paid Leave Porter decided to fire up the mower.

However, rather than wait until mid-morning, or lunch time, or even a weekday in the Golden West, Porter apparently kick started his street’s day at 7 am.

“It’s the best time of the day,” said Porter about the controversial decision to mow the lawn at the crack of dawn on a day of rest for the majority of his neighbours.

“Carpe diem”

“That’s latin for you non lawyer types, it means seize the day,” said the man with a ride on mower for his Perth Mansion backyard.

“I’ve had a big week too, so don’t give me that shit about waking people up.”

“You think talking to defamation lawyers and trying to protect my public image is easy?”

“That’s why I’ve taken all this time off.”

“Anyway, it was only for half an hour or so. I may have left the machine idling while I came in for brekky, but geez, talk about first world problems” he laughed.

“Noted, I’ll get the lawn man to come in and do all the whipper snipping during the week,” finished the man who likes to sit on the ride on and drive around but has no interest in doing any of the other yard work.

“Anyway, I’m going to go and make a booking for 14 people at a small cafe during for lunch that I won’t show up to,” laughed Paid Leave Porter before hanging up.

More to come.


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