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Mark McGowan has prepared himself for yet another day of public service by practicing public speaking in the restrooms adjacent to his office.

This morning, the Premier of our nation’s prosperous West tried saying, “This election will be tough,” over and over again in the mirror while trying to keep a straight face.

“It took me a few goes but I think I’ve got it now,” said Mark today via telephone.

“Here, let me have a go on you, ‘Yeah mate, this [laughs] Oh God, ok. Wait. All right, let me start again. Yeah mate, this election will be a tough one for us,’ see, I can do it,”

“But ah, yeah. We’re not counting our emus before we drink them so. Yeah. Business as usual over here, mate.”

The news comes as the latest Newspoll shows the WA Liberal party is set for a historic defeat at the upcoming election on March 12 or 13, a defeat not see since Queensland flipped blue a few elections ago.

Labor is also tipped to collect a couple safe Liberal seats, which will further cement McGowan’s position of authority.

More to come.


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