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Local man Toby Squires has taken his office cybersecurity measures to the next level this week, with a password so complex that it needs to be written down on a Post-It note which is stuck to the edge of the screen.  

“My login password needs to be updated every 6 months, so I tried something a bit more complex this time: ‘roosterssuck’, but it wanted at least one capital letter. I changed it to ‘RoostersSuck’ but then it said it needed more than 10 unique characters. I settled on ‘FuckTheRoosters’, but it wouldn’t let me use profanity, so I had to change it to whatever you just took a picture of. Of course, then it needed at least one number and a symbol until it finally accepted ‘FukTheRoosters1495!’.” 

Unfortunately, by this stage Toby’s bulletproof password was so far removed from his initial choice that he knew that there was zero chance he would remember it and could be forced to ask the creepy IT guy for help.

Sensibly, Toby made a hard copy backup of the password, writing it on a Post-It note which was then stuck to the edge of his monitor for convenient future reference. 

“It took a good twenty minutes to get it to accept any of my passwords; it was really irritating” complained Toby, who will be even more irritated at 12:30PM this Sunday when he discovers the office prankster has used his iron-clad password to send a #allstaff e-mail invite to a non-existent BBQ at his place. 


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