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The Federal Government has once again shown the nation that they are capable of taking feedback on board.

Following long-running allegations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and the general appalling treatment of women being leveled at the Coalition; powerbrokers have moved to show they are acting on people’s concerns by appointing Christian Porter to a coveted parliamentary position.

This comes as the scandal-plagued ruling party gives Porter the nod to lead the House of Representatives for the next couple of weeks.

The man who was accused of sexual assault has been asked to do so after regular lead Peter Dutton was ordered to isolate for 14 days as a result of the Brisbane cluster.

“Christian has already suffered enough,” said Prime Minister Morrison today.

“Despite the fact no answers have been offered up, it’s time for him to return to power,” said the leader of a party who has clearly located a moral compass over the last few months.

Porter’s promotion comes after he himself spent months to suppress information about his actions and calls for an independent inquiry into whether it’s appropriate that a bloke accused of sexual assault is fit to make laws that rule the people.

The former highest serving legal officer in the land has denied all allegations, and has strenuously fought any calls for an independent inquiry into his behaviour, choosing instead to simply just ‘return to normal and get on with business.’

“Look, I know people were angry enough to march on Parliament House to demand that we stop treating women like shit. We heard you, and we are working to be better,” said Morrison.

“By appointing a man refusing to allow an independent inquiry into his behaviour to a high position in the party.”

“This is what progress looks like.”

Christian Porter was unavailable for comment.

More to come.


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