In some breaking news from the nation’s capital today, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has announced he will be stepping down from the role – effective immediately.

This comes despite the CMO Paul Kelly only being in the top job for a short period of time, after stepping into Brendan Murphy’s shoes a few months ago.

It’s believed that he is resigning to allow medical expert Craig Kelly to step into the role.

The news comes after Federal Government backbencher Craig Kelly put his medical knowledge on full display again today and staked claim to the CMO role.

The failed furniture salesman whose family company went belly up owing millions of dollars to creditors and staff has been consistently presenting alternative information via his social media channel on vaccines and other matters.

His deliberate attempts to garner traction from the sugar he hits he gets by spreading false information on social media seems to have now worked for him though, with Scott Morrison handing over the new role.

“Craig’s social media ability is unsurpassed amongst us here in parliament house and he’s got some really interesting ideas on the necessity of this vaccine we are going to spend 24 million dollars promoting the safety off.”

“So the man who couldn’t run a furniture shop is going to be in charge of running a key medical policy for us, just like he wants to.”

“He’s done a lot of research on YouTube and Facebook and is completely across the task at hand.”


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