10 June, 2016. 12:34

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THE DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER is back in the headlines again today after he told some mouthy hornbag down at a New England pub to “piss off” when a quiet discussion about mining got out of hand.

Coming in on the burst, Joyce featured alongside political and personal rival Tony Windsor on ABC’s Q&A programme on Monday night, which was broadcast live from a hall in Tamworth.

Prior to the event, the two blokes battling it out for the seat got in a heated scuffle just before the broadcast went live.

However, Joyce’s election campaign was first derailed during the Johnny Depp saga – a never ending trans-national stand off of egos that first started when the Hollywood star had the hide to sneak his “fucking dogs” into the country, according to Mr Joyce.

Since then, there has yet to be a week go by without the mainstream media belittling and undermining the 49-year-old’s campaign by providing him with a platform to speak from and publicity to bathe in.

We spoke to the Nationals leader this afternoon via telephone.

“Look, mate. All this publicity I’ve been getting over the last few months has really bailed me up,” said Joyce.

“I don’t know what I’ll do if these big city fat cats keep painting me in such a way that makes me unappealing to city voters,”

“If the city people don’t like me for acting like a happy-go-lucky country lout, I’m buggered.”

This is what Mr Joyce had to say about an earlier, but unrelated, incident involving a pub, sugarcane champagne and altercations.



  1. Well that got him a run anyway. Just like when BJ goaded “Johnny-Boy” to keep giving him free publicity (that was in answer to the inbred tomato).


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