In some news that will rile up patriotic Aussies who love this country, a Lismore resident has talked shit about our troops today!

After another day of piling precious belongings out on the street for no one to collect, small business owner and lifetime Liberal voter James Simpson has unpatriotically chosen treason.

The Northern Rivers local who thought he was safe up the back of town has revealed that he’s kind of angry that it’s taken our army a week to get their act into gear.

“After watching community members risk their lives to rescue people, charter helicopters to bring in supplies, and spent endless days helping out, it feels frustrating that our highly resourced and capable Australian Defence Force took 7 days to get more than a few boots on the ground,” he said.

“I know that Major General is banging on about the army’s efforts, but 100 rescues across the region and a week to get more than a few non-reservists up here feels pretty shit.”

“Call me a traitor, but there’s a reason why people here are claiming to have not seen any troops on the ground.”

“Other than at the square where a bunch of retail chains has been affected far less than the main part of town where mountains of debris seem to go on forever.”

The local traitor’s comments come after federal leaders tried to fire up the culture wars topics and trotted out the same old lines about refusing to let people run down our troops.

“I don’t know. We are spending 50 billion bucks a year on defence, you’d think they’d be able to get up and help the people they are supposed to serve,” said Simpson.

“I know there are safety concerns but aren’t these people the ones who signed up to fight for us if a war kicks off? I’d be hoping it doesn’t take them 7 days to get a few hundred people to the landing point of a future invasion.”

“You look at the gear they’ve got and you compare it to what locals have been using to try and stop this community from becoming a pit of hopelessness, it’s frustrating that they weren’t here last Wednesday.”

“Obviously there are plenty of layers to cleaning up after a disaster like this, but having an ‘army’ of people cleaning up the rubbish that’s piled up on the street seems like a pretty easy one logistically.”

“And if they don’t wanna do it, give us the fucking keys to the machinery and let us sort it out, just like we’ve sorted the rest of it out.”

“I love the people in camo, don’t get me wrong, it’s just the people in charge who can’t organise a piss up in a brewery.”


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