Local woman, Eliza Thompson isn’t exactly sure why she’s so enamoured by true crime shows.

Or why she seems to enjoy watching them completely alone, late at night.

If she were to think deeply about it, it could be because, as a woman, she’s attempting to pick up some survival skills.

Or to figure out what she might have done differently under similar circumstances.

Perhaps she yearns to understand how on earth a human being could be capable of doing such horrible things.

Are some people just ticking time bombs, wired to go off at moments notice without any articulable motive?

Or is undesirable behaviour shaped purely by environmental factors, such as a disharmonious family life? Are both inherently intertwined – much like how a person born with perfect pitch may have more of an aptitude for music, but without necessary training will never flourish?

Who knows.

But what Eliza does know is that it’s a lot to digest – especially before bedtime.

Meaning that unless she wants to fall asleep deep diving into the human psyche, she has to find something lighthearted to watch.

Scrambling to switch off Netflix before it rolls into another episode of Forensic Files, a slightly spooked Eliza attempts to comfort herself with something less murder-y.

More to come.


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