Local financial advisor Amara Baros (29) has made a promise to herself during her first week back at work.

“This year is going to be different,” stated Baros as she walked through the doors of the office she has slowly learnt to hate for the past six years of her life.

According to Baros, last year was difficult for her despite keeping her job and only having to spend a brief period of time in lockdown.

“I saw a lot of clients lose everything last year but I got to keep my job while they spent time with their family and hobbies. Poor things.”

Taking a seat at her desk she hypothesised she would eventually die at, Baros put on a playlist she hoped would inspire change, a 12 track playlist she made when she was in her early twenties.

“I like the classic Lana Del Ray. I mean, I haven’t listened to any new Lana Del Ray, don’t have the time, but the classics, oh my God.”

Being one of the last team members to start working in 2021, Baros was then subjected to 13 separate rounds of ‘how was your holidays’ and was forced to tell every co-worker she had spent it the same way she has every year.

“Oh yeah, Noosa is great isn’t it?” stated co-worker Leanne Trey (52) who Baros has always been secretly terrified of turning into.

In order to drown out future questions from her co-workers, Baros put her headphones back in and rejoiced at the sound of The Temper Trap covering Empire of the Sun. 


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