Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has confirmed today that he will be standing firm on his refusal to tell George Christensen to stop talking shit.

The assurance from Barnaby follows outrage that a sitting Member of the government has been allowed to stand in parliament and spout the kind of shit you see on your second cousin’s Facebook.

Christensen caused heavy sighs a couple of days ago when he decided to go on an anti-science rant, claiming things like masks and lockdowns don’t work.

The latest sensationalist comments come after a long-running trend of George Christensen trying to say controversial shit to pander to his ego.

While the majority of the nation has since asked the government to pull the Member for Manilla into line on the dangerous messaging, Barnaby confirmed that he can’t tell George what he should do.

“I just can’t tell George what to do okay,” said the leader of the nationals and the Deputy Prime Minister of the country.

“We live in a free society, I mean hello, I can just tell people what to think and do,” said the man who let anti-abortion protests in Sydney.

“Sorry, I mean I can’t tell white men what to do,” clarified the upholder of Christian values today.

“Besides, you don’t go starting fights when you have a slender majority in parliament. It’s more important to protect your political interests than the people who are supposed to be representing,” said the man whose own regional electorate is affected by lockdowns.

“So it’s not happening, George is going to be able to run his mouth until he leaves parliament and collects a handy pension for the rest of his life.”

“And that’s that.”


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