Betoota Hills resident, Eden Monaro (31) is just your average middle management swing voter.

She’s not exactly the most politically-charged citizen, in fact she’s actually the perfect dinner party guest. She’s far more interested in talking about her family, friends and work – rather then engaging in whatever culture wars are raging on Twitter and Sky News.

However, with the the constant outbreaks snapping Australians in and out of lockdown, Eden knows she has a duty to both her community and the economy to do what she’s told by the health experts.

Initially, when it came to the jab roll-out, Eden did what she was told and began searching for a place to register herself to get immunised.

But then the goal posts changed, after the AZ jab took months to arrive, and her Prime Minister told her to let the boomers and essential workers go first and wait for the other jab in case she got blood clots.

But then the boomers didn’t want to take that jab that was apparently giving people blood clots, so she was told that maybe she could roll the dice and ask her GP if she could take it, instead of the one initially reccomended to her the first time the targets shifted – around the time Scotty From Marketing said it ‘isn’t a race’.

With the ever-changing advice coming from the Prime Minister, that was eventually called out by the QLD Government and major medical bodies, Eden ultimately decided to wait for the Michelle Pfeiffer jab.

This was a decision she made after getting overwhelmed with the confusing messaging when Scotty told her that she could get the jab he said she shouldn’t get two months ago, and that she could go against the initial medical advice to wait only 4 weeks between shots, instead of the recommended 12.

But after the government finally decided to roll out the new terrifying advertising campaign encouraging citizens to go and get their jabs as soon as they can, Eden decided to book in with her GP to see if Kevin Rudd managed to accelerate the arrival of the jabs that were reccomended for under-40s.

“The ad was terrifying” she said.

“A woman my age, on a hospital bed dying. I keep hearing that this virus doesn’t discriminate, and that I should get my jab as soon as it’s available.”

But while she’s being told this virus doesn’t discriminate, Eden has found that the PM’s jab roll-out certainly does.

She says after finally booking in with her local doctor, she doesn’t know what’s scarier – the new fear campaign telling her to get her jab as soon a she can or risk dying alone in a quarantined hospital war – or the fact that her GP told her that she won’t be eligible for her first shot until September.

“It’s kind of like being told to put the washing out in a thunderstorm”

“There’s no point to even leaving the house at the moment”

“What I’ve found is the roll-out out isn’t being treated with the same urgency as the multimillion dollar fear campaign of the woman dying on free-to-air TV”

“I guess I’ll just wait the two months to get partially immunised. That’s where I’ve landed after spending the best part of the year trying every day to get a jab”

“Maybe I’ll have both shots by Christmas, fingers crossed!”


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