Jenna Betts (27) says she doesn’t really like partaking in gossip, but sometimes it’s for the greater good.

And, for the record, it’s not technically gossiping if you are simply informing a close friend of something that is being kept from her. Like, she’d want someone to do the same for her.

That’s why she informed Ally that her ex-boyfriend of a couple years ago had hooked up with their other, tier-3 peripheral friend Bella, while Ally was in Europe last year.

“I mean, I obviously knew about it for ages. But I wasn’t going to say anything until I really needed to” says Jenna.

And after a minor tiff with Bella last week, it became clear that it was time to tell Ally, because Bella can’t expect to be able to treat people like this.

The last 72 hours has seen their social circle swept up in a frenzy of phone calls, tears and severed friendships

Who knew? Jenna knew, but who else knew, and how many of these fake friends have kept it from Ally.

However, as the drama unfolds, the question on the rest of everyone’s mind is who told?

This is where Jenna is a sitting duck. The fact that she was the one that spilled the beans brings into question a possible ulterior motive – and it’s not about being a good friend to Ally, it’s about her own issue with Bella.

“I’ve told Ally not to tell anyone I told her” says Jenna.

“The only people that know that it was is Ally”

“And my boyfriend, who has been looped into every single conversation”

“And Mark Zuckerberg, who reads every single piece of information that every single person in the world shares via his social media tools including Facebook Messenger”

“I suppose that’s a worry”

Jenna’s concern come after the magnitude of Facebook’s surveillance scheme revealed by the Cambridge Analytica story has led to public outcry and sent shockwaves through the political systems in the US and UK.

“I’m just worried what Mark might want to use that information for” says Jenna.

“I hope he doesn’t tell anyone that it was me that told Ally”


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