The patron saint of being able to punch someone in the face with class, Perth boxer Danny Green, has today called out a cocky Kangaroo who has made international headlines this week after being punched in the face in a viral hunting video.

The 4-year-old kangaroo, who goes by the name of Quentin, has been accused by Green of being a ‘show pony’ who ‘bullies’ those that are smaller than him.

“I just don’t think this bloke should be given any airtime” said Green.

“I’d gladly throw on the gloves and punch on with the bloke. Pick a date”

“We can do it on pay-per-view in a really obscure location like Adelaide and make people say discriminating things on the internet to help promote it”

Overnight, the footage of zookeeper Greig Tonkins went viral after he was filmed punching the kangaroo that put his hunting dog Max in a vicious headlock.

Green has rushed to the defence of Tonkins, and said he’s willing to use his ability to fight people as a vehicle for not only making money but also furthering his career, while at the same time teaching people the respect that should be shown towards fighting.

“He might have to come down to my weight. But yeah, I’ll gladly fight him”



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