A Betoota Ponds dad has nearly blown a gasket today.

The local father of three found himself containing his temper this afternoon, after returning home from work to find one of his useless adult kids had done it again.

“I swear they are fucking baiting me,” said the old fella after stumbling across a left-on powerpoint in the kitchen.

“Deadset, I don’t know how many times I’ve pleaded with them, I’ve begged them, I’ve threatened them, please, don’t leave the powerpoint’s switched on if there’s nothing in there,” said the fiscally conservative man who decides to work himself up over the slightest things.

The bloke who had the oven on for 12 straight hours on Saturday explained that he can’t stand his kids wasting money.

“It’s always someone else paying for it,” said the dad who always whinges about not getting board from 2 of his 3 adult kids but never does anything about it.

“It’s our house, why can’t they just listen to me and their mother.”

“Does my head in.”

“Fuck, I’m going on the mower,” he grumbled, stumbling off to take his ride across the couple of hundred square metres of grass on his block.


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