A local man in the Southern Corner of Queensland has today set off to track down some prey.

Speaking to us from the Stone Age city of Brisbane, Everton Park explained that he was heading off to hunt some yum cha.

“Me hungry,” said the Brisbane cave resident.

“Me no feel like Sushi or Guzman today. I hunt some yum cha,” he said has he set off across the dangerous plans of Queen Street Mall.

His comments come following the Prime Minister of Sydney telling the nation that ‘we can’t stay in the cave forever,’ in a blatant attempt to try and score political points.

Demanding that lockdowns end and borders open up because it makes people more likely to vote for him, the PM responsible for this mess says people have to stick his shiney new plan.

However, for the cave people of Queesland, WA, NT, Tas and SA, opening borders to the Sydney Sneeze is not something they are that keen on.

“Queensland nice,” said the cave man who has been enjoying live sport, dining, drinking and mingliing with friends for an extended period of time.

“If this cave. I stay in cave,” said Park.

“Oh Char siu bao,” he said running off to catch himself some lunch in a busy shopping preccinct full of people enjoying their lives.

More to come.


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