A man that doesn’t have a neck is putting on quite a fitness fanfare this morning, very excited to advertise that he can pick up something heavy and proceed to put it back down again.

Sporting several metres of pink strapping tape, local big rig Eddie Henry (32) is believed to be drawing lots of attention to himself, as he looks to ‘smash his PB’ on the powerlifting platform.

Flaunting knee-high performance socks at the family friendly PCYC gym in Betoota Heights, Henry is understood to resemble a ‘Jindabyne in September skiier’, as he continues to cover himself with a light dusting of white powder.

Speaking with local gym owner, Belinda Squires, it’s understood Henry’s behaviour is once again raising some eyebrows, after ruining the afternoon gym sessions of many clients simply hoping to enjoy some judgement free physical activity.

“Ugh, he’s honestly the worst, stomping around like Hagrid and trying to impress everyone,” said Squires.

“We have a Zumba class about to start, and all everyone can hear is that pork chop huffing and grunting and slapping his own thighs like a Kiwi doing the Haka.”

“It’s just really off putting!”

Speaking to The Advocate, Squires admitted that after several complaints from perturbed members and the gym cleaners who are tired of mopping up buckets of chalk dust, Henry is close to having his membership relinquished.

“We’re a pretty honest operation here, not exactly a facility for the theatrics of a wannabe World Champion Olympian, we have KitKats in the vending machine for Christ’s sake!”

“If that meatball with legs wants to carry on like this, he’s better to go sign up to Legends Gym out in Betoota Lakes, there’s heaps of tossers out there, he’ll fit right in!”


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