Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has been left speechless by the actions of a 27-year-old backpacker currently working behind the bar at the Mooloolaba Surf Club.

It is believed the Brazilian hospitality professional, who goes by the name of Marcelo, failed to inform Mr Joyce that the house rum was actually the Cuban brand of Havana Club, before mixing him up a rum and coke.

Created in Cuba in 1934, Havana Club now one of the best-selling ‘house rum’ brands in the world, the brand was nationalised after the Cuban Revolution of 1959 and is now what Australian people try to sell in their pubs when they are cheapskates that want to appear more worldly.

Mr Joyce, who was expecting a standard seven glass with Bundaberg Rum (more commonly known as Sugarcane Champagne), was horrified to see his favourite sessionable beverage tainted by the Caribbean dark spirit.

“What is wrong with you?” he whispers.

“You monster”

The entire surf club goes silent as the second most powerful politician in Australia’s eye begin to well up.

“What is wrong with the world?” he asks.

“Where’s the bundy? What’s going on?”

“I only get one holiday a year. You’ve ruined it. I’ve been dreaming about Mooloolaba for months and you’ve ruined it”

Mr Joyce was then tended to by the surf club manager who reached to the top shelf to retrieve the Australian-made rum and coke. It is believed that the validility of Marcelo’s 457 visa is now in question.




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