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A Betoota Heights Apprentice has just been told to fucking pull his head it can be confirmed.

This comes after 18-year-old aspiring plumber Ayden Williams decided to treat the rest of the job site to some full volume TikTok videos today.

With everyone hooking into a bit of lunchtime grub and making some chit chat about the weekend ahead, the young fella decided to completely zone out of the conversation and divert all his attention to his phone.

“Are you fucking right mate?” asked one of the older certified boys after what was maybe the 3rd video from his TikTok feed.

“Wanna turn it down, or get some headphones for your dancing videos big fella” laughed another.

“Deadset mate, are you rude or deaf? Or both? None of us want to hear you watching your TikToks.”

Rolling his eyes, the 2nd year who seemingly thought everyone wanted to listen to random remixes and pop songs changing every 5 seconds then locked his phone and pretended to be social.

“Happy now?” he said.

“What do ya’s wanna talk about? Ya fucking sooks.”


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