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Scott Morrison has told another Canberra motorist that he wished things could be different after he reversed the prime ministerial BMW 7-series into another car at the Yarralumla shops this morning.

“Sorry, mate,” said the PM.

“We with things could be different, hey? Shit. Oh well, it looks like there’s more damage to my car than yours.”

The other motorist, Gavin Pooley, who’s a Royal Canberra Golf Club greenskeeper, assured the Prime Minister that mistakes happen and it’ OK as long as you own up to them.

The Prime Minister’s eyes widened.

“Well, mate,” he said.

“Perhaps if you’d parked a bit better in the lines, I wouldn’t have hit you. I mean, it’s not all my fault,”

“I don’t care who takes the blame for it, honestly, I don’t. But it doesn’t look like the damage is very bad so how about we just trade details and keep the insurance companies out of it? I don’t need to tell you that I’m not insured to drive this thing. It’s like driving a bloody boat, it is. Not that I know what that’s like, I don’t think I’ve ever driven a boat before,”

“Anyway, give your details to my security blokes and that’ll be that. Again, we wish things could be different,”

“Cheers, mate. I trust this issue has been resolved.”

More to come.


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