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The South-East Corner Newsletter is reporting this afternoon that the Victorian woman who brought “that fucking” St Kilda Sneeze up here into God’s Country was on her way to Townsville to ruin Origin.

Leaving Melbourne to escape the lockdown, the Courier-Mail explained person arrived on the Sunshine Coast a few days ago and was caught by authorities.

“We can’t confirm or rule out the person was about to board a plane to Townsville with one thing in mind,” said the Mail’s editorial coordinator Jackson Schols.

“Spreading that awful bug. Tell you what, these bloody Victorians keep attacking us for our way of life. From sarcastically thanking us for voting in Scott Morrison to slamming the border shut during holidays and forcing them to holiday in their own shithole beach towns like Port Fairy and Portsea,”

“Please be sure to buy tomorrow’s edition to learn more. For now, I’d call on all Queenslanders to remain vigilant.”

The Advocate reached out to the Victorian Politburo for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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