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A local tech start-up co-founder used to think he had everything in life – until he bought a Tesla.

Gone were the days Mark O’Regan needed to steer his car down the Diamantina Developmental Road to Windorah – he now has a car that does that laborious task for him.

He told The Advocate that there’s not much he’d change about his life right and there’s not much he misses from his old one.

But there is one thing.

The 44-year-old spoke candidly to our reporter earlier this afternoon about how he misses the smell of petrol. He misses having its sickly, addictive aroma surround him while he filled up his old, conventionally-powered automobile.

He picked our reporter up outside The Advocate‘s offices and went around the block a few times.

“It was a twin-turbo V8 AMG Mercedes so I was at the petrol bowser a fair bit,” he laughed.

“One thing about owning a Tesla is that you don’t need petrol. You need a whole heap of coal to charge these things up overnight. My garage still smells a bit fossil-fuelly but it’s just not the same,”

“I know the smell of petrol isn’t for everyone but it really got me going. There’s something about it that I love but hate at the same time,”

He then sighed and looked out the window.

“But I guess this car is pretty cool.”

More to come.



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