We all have weaknesses.

Gambling is a vice for some. Drinking for others. Some may struggle with a shopping addiction.

Maddie Gibson is one such person who grapples with shopping addiction, but her shopping habit is a slightly peculiar one.

Her weakness is Aldi’s fabled “Aisle of Dreams.”

The Aisle of Dreams is the middle section of the supermarket, Aldi, where anything from ski clothing to chainsaws can be found.

Maddie says she faces a weekly battle trying to avoid spending far more money on the groceries than she needs to.

“The aisle of dreams gets me every single time. I go to Aldi for my cheap groceries and that’s great, but the other week I ended up coming home with a lolly dispenser, a Lazy Susan and a ski jacket,” she said.

“My boyfriend has resigned himself to the inevitable now. He doesn’t even get angry when I get some random german cooking appliance. Every now and then he gets a nice treat like some undies, or a new tent.”

Maddie’s boyfriend Karl Major confirmed to us today that he actually doesn’t berate her, because he too, secretly loves the Aisle of Dreams.

“I like doing the shopping now. If she was going to Coles or Woolies I would find some excuse not to come. But Aldi, that’s a whole different kettle of fish. I got a fucking circular saw there the other day. I’ll probably never use it, but fuck, it was like 29 bucks.”

When we contacted Aldi for comment, they revealed to us secret market research behind the significance of the aisle.

A spokesperson informed us that “The middle aisle is where we make all the money. We lure people in with the cheap groceries and then clean them out on all sorts of random shit they didn’t know they needed. It’s like what Woolies does with all those chocolates and drinks near the check out.”


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