The ice cold, delicious schooner you bought five minutes ago is now at the capacity where you could finish it in one go, if you need to, it has been confirmed.

If, on the off chance, you are in a position where you need to catch up, or go to another pub, it is believed that you would be able to finish your current beer in one giant gulp – without drawing too much attention.

While it is acknowledged that most adults can finish an entire schooner in one crack, it is considered a bit more appropriate to have a few sociable sips before you put the whole thing away and head back to the bar.

Local punter and close mate, Joe, believes you should ‘neck the rest of that one’ so that he can buy another round, because he has finished his.

“Come on, mate. Put that one away. I’ll get us another couple”

“Actually wait up. It’s your shout”

“Are you working at the hospital nowadays… Because you’ve been nursing that one for a while!”

“Ha ha ha”


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